How can I help you?

Photo of L. ShamchukAs the Diploma Service Librarian at MacEwan University Library, I deliver and coordinate instructional, research and student support for diploma programs at MacEwan’s City Centre Campus. I am the library contact for the following programs:

  • Acupuncture
  • Early Learning & Child Care
  • Education
  • Holistic Health
  • Human Resources Management
  • Legal Assistant
  • Public Relations
  • Special Needs Educational Assistant
  • Therapist Assistant
  • Travel

As diploma program students, faculty and staff at MacEwan, I can help you save time by making the most of library services and using information resources effectively. I can help you:

  • Navigate the library’s website.
  • Find books and other print materials in our library.
  • Access books and other print materials from other local libraries.
  • Find and access online resources such as articles and ebooks.
  • Acquire online articles from other libraries.
  • Search our library databases effectively.
  • Evaluate resources and websites for use in assignments or courses.
  • Use RefWorks to manage citations.
  • Cite sources for assignments or reading lists.

Contact me to schedule an individual or group appointment if you need assignment or course assistance!

Additionally I can help diploma program faculty and staff by:

  • Teaching library information literacy sessions to your students at optimal times during the term.
  • Providing advice about assignment revision to improve student learning and success.
  • Helping you set up an account with the library’s e-reserves system.
  • Starting literature searches or finding resources for your research.
  • Ordering requested print or online materials.
  • Attending department/committee meetings to discuss any issues relating to the library

Please contact me for more information!