Date Time
and Location
Speaker Title    
September 24 2010 12-1p.m. Room 5-301 Adi Tcaciuc A taste of combinatorics    
October 15 2010 12-1p.m. Room 5-301 Cristian Ivanescu An Introduction to Non-Comutative Topology
October 29 2010 12-1p.m. Room 5-301 Maryna Yaskina Intuitive Topology. Knots, links and the Möbius strip
November 25 2010 12:30-1:30 p.m. Room 5-161 Muhammad Islam How to tell it’s one of those. Multivariate Data Analysis in Classification    
January 19 2011 12-1p.m.  Room 5-301 David McLaughlin Intuition Sucks
February 4 2011 12-1p.m. Room 5-301 John O’Connor What are the odds? A look at some puzzles in probability
March 2 2011 12-1p.m. Room 5-301 Wanhua Su Introduction to R, a free statistical/ mathematical software
March 18 2011 12-1p.m. Room 5-301 Natalyia Zadorozhna Fractional Calculus: What the heck is it? A look at fractional derivatives and fractional integrals