Torus Talks

The Torus Talks

Mathematics & Statistics Undergraduate


  • Have you ever thought that Calculus is useless or Stats is boring?

  • Have you ever wondered what contemporary mathematicians are studying?

  • Have you ever considered doing a major or a minor in Mathematics or Statistics?

If you answered “yes” at any of these questions, please attend the
undergraduate talks organized  by the Department of Mathematics and

Please come and let us “rigorously” prove to you that Mathematics and Statistics are interesting and useful!

delicious tori (i.e. one hole doughnuts) are provided by the Department of Mathematics  and Statistics!

Date Time
and Location
Speaker Title   Mathematics
& Statistics Undergraduate Seminar History
September 28 2011 12-1p.m. Room 6-344 Sunil Barran To Be or Not to Be. A Brief Introduction to Survival Analysis   2010-2011
October 19 2011 12-1p.m. Room 6-344 Tiina Hohn How to Fix Grandma Holey Quilt. Martin Gardner’s Classic Bisection Problem and Hands on Solution   2009-2010
 November 9 2011  12-1 p.m. Room 6-344  Nicolae Strungaru Quasicrystals: from a Puzzle to the Noble Prize
 November 23  2011  12-1 p.m. Room 6-344  Elaine Beltaos All about e. The other famous mathematical constant