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Oh, the THINKS you can Think!

You can think about facts.
You can think about links.
You can think about doubts.
Oh, the THINKS you can think!

Oh, the THINKS you can think up if only you try!
If you try, you can theorize about being shy.

And you don’t have to fret.
You can think about research.
Qualitative, Quantitative. Intriguing I’ll bet.
Intriguing research you will not forget.

You can think of being random,
a chance there for all.
Not each may be chosen
but that is your call.

You can think of others,
Others just like you.
The account is emic
and to them you are true.

Think! Think and wonder.
Wonder and think.
How much time will the wound take to shrink?
You can wonder … but why should I know about one or the other?

Think of Fright.
Think of Flight.
Think of why it will be all right.

Think of an example.
It may be a stratified sample.
You may go visit the Dean,
don’t worry if it is unforseen.

 Think left and think right and think low and think high.
Oh, the THINKS you can think up
if only you try.

 Adapted from: Seuss, Dr. (1975/2003). Oh, the thinks you and think! New York, NY: Random House Children’s Books.