The PFP Lab

Current Students:

1) Ashton Milroy (Honours Student: 4th Year): Psychopathy and verbal/non-verbal vulnerability

2) Jarod Cedor (Honours Student: 4th Year): Weapon focus effect, unusualness, and composite sketches


Previous Honours Students:

1) Sarah Sinclair (2008): Emotional dysfunction, psychopathy, and deception detection

2) Ryan Kasper (2008): Consistency of truthful and deceptive allegations of trauma over time

3) Lisa Doktorchik (2008): Schematic and episodic details in false allegations of robbery

4) Krista Brower (2010): Content cues to deception detection as a function of arousal feedback

5) Mikayla Kuchinsky (2010): Investigating linguistic versus memory-based credibility cues

6) Kyla Wells (2011): Emotion, psychopathy, duration, and misinformation

7) Ryan Shudra (2011): Encoding of trauma image stimuli under varied display conditions (night vision)

8) Victoria Richards (2012): Malingering scenarios, incentives, and psychopathy


Previous Independent Study Students:

1) Kristen Bouvier (2007): Individual differences (alexithymia, dissociation, social desirability) in narratives of false allegations

2) Jessica Gilbert (2008): Theoretical origins of the weapon focus effect

3) Deanna Forrester (2008): The influence of emotionality and gender in victim impact statements on sentencing outcomes

4) Jeffrey Harder (2008): Features and consistency of PTSD versus non-PTSD memories of trauma

5) Alexandra Rocchio (2009): Bizarre details and perceptions of credibility

6) Katherine Ensslen (2010): The influence of schemas and repitition on recall for an eyewitness account

7) Kimberly Masliuk (2010): Motivations for malingering and symptom profiles

8) Tessa Dimnik (2012): Malingered child abuse and psychopathy