What makes me smile?

1. My kids – Ayden, Taryk and Maylah, and partner of 25+ years, Bryan. I am a mother, always.

2. Pushing beyond my limits, physically and mentally. Finishing a race or ride or challenging project. I am a teacher and student, always learning and growing.

3. Sharing stories, and laughs with old friends or getting to know new ones. I am a connector.

4. Adventure. I love the outdoors, being on the lake, and exploring the world with my family.

5. Writing. I am a writer.

6. Music. Music. Music.

7. Chocolate and coffee. (and fries… can’t resist them!)

8. Connecting with characters in a good book, movie or television show. Recent guilty pleasure: binge watching Blacklist on Netflix.

9. When someone lets me know that something I said or did make a difference to them – no greater feeling that knowing that someone felt you cared.

10. Maui, Hawaii.