Value Who You Are and Value What You Do

I have been thinking a lot about value and the way we socially construct things as valuable, valueless, and how as human beings we engage in practices that de-value not only objects but people. The word value comes from the Latin valēre, which means “to be worth.” Worth derives meaning subjectively. It is not a coincidence that the scholar who encourages us to Dare Greatly and live from a place of worthiness has something poignant to say about value.

I have been following Dr. Brené Brown’s work (like many of you) after watching her inspiring TED talks. In this video Brené Brown: GCSW Commencement Address (of her University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work 2013) Brené provides more gems for all of us to remember as we navigate our way through our professional and personal lives. One of these little nuggets that resonated so much with me comes at 5.28.


“If you want other people to put value on your work, put value on your work. Period.”

I encourage you to learn more about and from Dr. Brené Brown. What do you think? How does this make you feel?