Just Care, TEDxGarneau Women Post 2/2

Just Care TEDXGarneau Women is finally up and into the cyber world. I am blown away by how many views this 16 minute 44 second talk has had in one week. If you like you can watch it on YouTube and comment Just Care here. I am humbled and grateful to everyone who has taken the time and energy to listen to my “idea worth spreading.”


To say this is a career highlight and milestone would be an understatement. Only a couple of years ago I watched one of my first TED talks – the famous Brené Brown Power of Vulberability TED talk and thought – I can do that…. someday!?! (I hope). It was surreal to watch the video myself and see that I actually did say what I thought I said to that lovely, caring audience one cold Edmonton December night.

I believe that care is a powerful social justice practice. We all need care, yet so much gets in the way of our just caring for ourselves and each other. I am on a mission to practice, foster, value and humanize care through my work in supporting individuals and groups to have more “meaningful connections” and create more caring spaces in our lives and our society.

I promote a new approach I call Care*Full, and hope to inspire others to live care*fully (care-based), rather than carefully (fear-based). This means we engage in practices of self care AND care for others. I am a visionary, and dream BIG! Let’s envision together what a Care*Full movement could look like… are you with me?? Think of the personal and social transformation this could bring about!?!! It’s amazing what a little idea, spread, talked about, discussed, debated, passed around, modified and … you get the picture! It was Martin Luther King Jr. who said “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.” So many actions, reactions, decisions, assumptions we make tend to be based in fear, pain or hate. How different our world would be if we began from the premise that we are all deserving of love, belonging, care and respect.

I am humbled by the responses from friends, family, strangers and people near and far who have gained something positive from my talk and my message. Thank you for your willingness to care.

Eleanor Rosevelt said, “Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyway.” Now that I am getting my head AND heart around care, there is no turning back. Care requires the analyst, practioner and thinker to be fully present.

More to come about my new endeavour, Cared Humanity really soon! Watch for details in February.

I’ll end with one of the most powerful quotations from Eleanor Rosevelt I’ve ever heard:


What if, we moved through the fear and just cared anyway?