Gratitude Worth Spreading: TEDx Garneau Women (One Week Later, Post 1/2)

I can hardly believe that one week ago it was TEDx Garneau Women! Let me begin my first post with sharing my gratitude. To my wonderful partner, Bryan Hogeveen, thank you for encouraging me to soar and supporting me through this journey that was “my Ted-talk.” Thanks to the lovely ladies who did more than organize the event. Nicola Doherty and Lori-Ann Claerhout, thanks for asking me to speak at TEDxGarneau Women and for the laughs, the fear calming, and your friendship. Special thanks to my soul-friend Gemma Stone for lending me trust and inspiration when I most needed them. I had a gaggle of caring friends and well wishers in the audience and cheering from a far, including my colleagues in the MacEwan Sociology Department and friend, Céline Nadon and brother Brian Minaker. Thanks to My friend Kelsey (aka Dr. Ford)Rita Chand, Chris GuillebeauBrianna Olson and Daena Crosby for your care and the special way you contributed to my performance. Huge shout outs to Stay-at-home-feminist Natasha Chiam and Sue Robin’s from Bird Communications for writing about my talk Just Care. For the twitter tweets, telephone calls, emails and reassurances thank you! So many of the people who helped make this possible for me are not on-line, but this post would be missing something without mentioning their names. Thank you Jill Love, Sodhi Pillay, Diane and Bob Minaker, Gerry and the late Tine Hogeveen, and always, I’m so grateful for my children, Ayden, Taryk and Maylah Hogeveen. It was an evening of meaningful connections – new ones with Funmi and Adrian from FO Photography; and Dana Weatherhead from Reel Moments – and ripened ones with my Book Club Ladies (Robin, Tara, Patti, Kelsey). Thanks, Funmi for this wonderful feature and your beautiful photographs! It was an honour to share the stage with Julie Rak and Ruth Kelly.

I am so excited about working together to build more just and caring spaces to live care*fully. Please watch for more about Cared Humanity. Thank you Deanna Johnson Mullican for the beautiful design of the logo. Please watch for the Future Home of Cared Humanity (launch in January 2014)