CMPT 101


Introduction to Computing


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This course provides an overview of computing science concepts for students with little or no programming background.  Topics include representation of data; machine architecture; operating system concepts; properties of algorithms and computational problems; syntax of a high-level procedural programming language; basic data types and control structures.  Students do introductory programming for a portion of the course.




· Labs begin the week of September 12th, 2016

· Students should bring a ‘Cmpt 101 — Lab Supplement Package’ to lab 1 if possible

· Labs 1– 4 will be on a Monday to Friday rotation.

·       There are no labs on Monday, October 10th, due to Thanksgiving.  Labs will switch to a Tuesday to Friday rotation for labs 5 — 8 so the Monday sections will have lab 5 on    Monday, October 17th, continuing weekly with lab 8 on Monday, November 7th.

· There are no labs from Tuesday, November 8th, to Friday, November 11th, due to the fall reading break. Students will be completing the lab 9 assignment on-line.

· Labs will switch back to a Monday to Friday rotation for labs 10 — 12.

· The last day of labs will be Friday, December 2nd.

· Open labs will run on Mondays in 5-216 from 11:00 AM - 12:30 AM and Fridays in 5-216 from 9:30 AM — 11:00 AM starting on Monday, September 19th, and ending on Friday, December 2nd.

· Good luck this semester!