My research interests and expertise include the following:

•    Wetland classification and evaluation
•    Patterns of plant diversity and biogeography
•    Plant ecology, ecohydrology, rare plant ecology
•    Wetland biogeochemistry
•    Ecology of wetland birds and amphibians
•    Effects of anthropogenic activities and climate change on wetlands
•    Wetland restoration and construction in cold climates
•    Wetland policy development and practice

Funding for my research has come from academic institutions, government, professional certification organizations, and industry.

Current Projects

Alberta Wetland Policy & Practice

Spring Fens in the Western Boreal Region: Function & Form

Western Boreal Fens & Climate Change
Biol 498 Independent Research Projects

MacEwan University Naturalization Project Assessment

MacEwan University Bird-Window Strikes Project

Selected Research Grants
Grant MacEwan University Conference, Exhibition, and Performance Travel Fund ($3500): 2012
Grant MacEwan University Faculty Development Fund for 2011-2012 ($980): 2012
Grant MacEwan University Faculty Development Fund for 2010-2011 ($968): 2012
Athabasca University Research Incentive Grant ($15,000): 2008 - 2010
Jacques Whitford Publishing Stipends: 2006 - 2008
Canadian Circumpolar Institute C/BAR Grant: 2001 - 2003
NSERC Postgraduate Industrial Scholarship: 2000 - 2002
NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship A/B: 1998 - 2000