Local History: Edmonton Decorative Historic Plaque Program
I have been interested in historic plaques as a means of highlighting local history since first being exposed to them while growing up in Fergus-Elora, Ontario. Here, they have been in place since the 1970’s. I developed the Edmonton Decorative Historic Plaque program as an offshoot of the Highlands Decorative Historic Plaque Program which I started in Edmonton’s Highlands Community in collaboration with the Highlands Historical Society.

The Edmonton Decorative Historic Plaque seeks to expand the program to historic communities outside of the Highlands, of which there are many in Edmonton. As the program develops I will post further details. In the meantime, if you are interested in researching the history of your own home in Edmonton (or potentially other locations), see my notes


Celtic Music: The O’Neills
The trio formed around 2007 and take their name from the tome where much of their music originates, O’ Neill’s Music of Ireland. While their repertoire is firmly in the lands of the Celts, influences from Scandinavia, bluegrass, calypso, and even Canada fill out their playlist. Their music rarely offends but they were once run out of a never-to-be-named town. If not instruments in their hands, it is canoe paddles.

Please visit The O'Neills website or stop by and check us out at:

The Highlands Outdoor Farmers' Market - Jun 21
The Highlands Outdoor Farmers' Market - Jul 15
The Highlands Outdoor Farmers' Market - Sep 06
The Highlands Outdoor Farmers' Market - Sep 20