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1.  How do I get to the Life Support Training Homepage?cpr

The URL is now  The Central Registry has moved to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Alberta Office.  Life Support Training is now located in 9-204 in the Robbins Centre at MacEwan University.  You can reach Naomi @ 780-497-4012780-497-4012 or Xin Xin @ 780-497-4010780-497-4010.  Check out the website for Instructor and course information.

2.  New Guidelines (2010)

The new guideline updates for instructors and ITs are now available through the service centres at NAIT and SAIT.  You can access the dates and other info through the Heart and Stoke Foundation website.  The new guidelines are NOT to be taught until the new resources are available and you have been updated.  Additionally, the graphic at the right is no longer true…it is now CAB – Compressions – Airway – Breathing.

3.  Can I exceed the student/instructor ratio of 6:1?

The NAITS does not support exceeding the ratio at this time.

4.  Where can I order supplies and resources?

You can order manuals and other course materials from the Heart and Stroke Foundation on 124th St.  The phone # is 780-451-4545780-451-4545.

5.  What if I have no barriers?

This is a common question our students will ask.  A barrier may be made from any malleable fluid impervious material such as saran wrap, raincoat etc.  Of course there is no valve, but you make do with what you have.  Cloth is NOT a barrier! Also, keep in mind that of all “in the field” BLS performed, 80% is done on someone you know.

6.  When are the “new” guidelines” being released?

The new guidelines were released in the fall of 2010.  Update workshops are expected to begin in the late spring of 2011 and continue through the fall.  The new resources are expected to be released around May 1, 2011.  For this update, it will invlove the skill component only, the teaching methodology will remain the same.  There will however, be a new DVD and resources that will need to be purchased.  More on this as the spring moves on. (See above)

7.  What about ‘Cough CPR” I have seen on the internet.

Cough CPR is NOT sanctioned by the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  It is only used in the event of a witnessed event with a patient connected to a monitor and the physician is present a the time of the impeding arrest.  Impress on your students to call 911!

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