Reflection on Teaching Responsibilities

My teaching responsibilities revolve around MGMT107 Business Computing, a core course in the Accounting and Strategic Measurement, Arts and Cultural Management, Business Management, Human Resource Management, Insurance and Risk Management, and Library and Information Technology programs.

This is a first-term course that focuses primarily on Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and also covers file management, Publisher, and emerging topics such as: Skype, Facebook, and SkyDrive. Teaching multiple sections of this course for several years has allowed me to work through all the rough spots and polish the course to a fine product in all forms of delivery: face-to-face, blended, and online.

A few years ago I updated the course syllabus for Business Computing to refine its focus and bring it up to date. I also wrote the course syllabus for MGMT270 Web and Database for Business, a course delivered to Library and Information Technology students.

Business Computing goes through nontrivial revisions each time Microsoft updates their Office product. I will be rewriting many of the course materials for Office 2013 this Spring. Earlier this year I rewrote the face-to-face course for Blackboard Learn.

I take the role of Course Leader for Business Computing very seriously, supplying my colleagues with a full-featured BB Learn website, as well as assignments, quizzes, and exams. I am always looking for ways to improve the course and its delivery and it seems to be working as evidenced by the student evaluations.