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Create a post excerpt & using the “more” tag

When all your posts appear on one page, having long posts can mean a lot of scrolling. You can manually insert a “more” tag into your post so your reader sees a short piece and clicks on the title to see the full story.

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Edit graphics online for free

If you’re looking for a quick way to make some basic edits to a photo, and the computer you’re using doesn’t have a graphics program, Picnik (http://www.picnik.com/) is a great resource.

By either uploading a photo from your computer, providing a URL or accessing a photo you already have stored online (Flickr, Google Picassa, Facebook, etc), the site will then provide you options to enhance, rotate, crop, resize and adjust your image (including sharpening) or many other effects. You can then save it to your computer or online accout or or e-mail it to someone else.

The paid for service provides you extra features, but for most users the free version will work fine. Ideal for mom and dad, there’s little to stress about and it’s easy to understand.