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Create a post excerpt & using the “more” tag

When all your posts appear on one page, having long posts can mean a lot of scrolling. You can manually insert a “more” tag into your post so your reader sees a short piece and clicks on the title to see the full story.

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Adding a Widget to the sidebar

Widgets are an easy way to add different types of content to the side columns of your site. Although there are basic widgets available to you, be sure to check out the Widgets and Plugin categories to find other pieces of information you can add to your site.

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Create an image gallery

If you have photos posted in Flickr or Google, you can easily link to those sites. However, the other alternative is to upload your images to your site and then create a gallery of the photos.

Keep in mind that you site has a limited amount of space and every photo you upload goes against that amount. Be sure to resize your photos using a simple online tool like Picnik.

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Display tags in your sidebar with a widget

Assigning tags to your posts is an excellent practice and just another way for visitors to find information. However, to ensure users have access to those tags, you’ll need to make them available on your site by enabling the Tag widget.

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Adding categories and tags to your posts

Creating content for a site is easy, but finding it can be a difficult task for visitors. WordPress provides two ways of organizing your information – categories and tags. Categories are general areas where you can group similar types of information. Tags are like keywords – you can assign a number of tags to a post, making it easier for users to find information (be sure to make use of the Tag widget).

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Display recent comments in your sidebar

One of the great features of WordPress is the ability for visitors to leave comments about what you write and often visitors want to see what others have said. The Comments widget automatically posts recent comments in your sidebar.

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