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WP-SpamFree plugin

Just like the spam you receive in your email’s inbox, robots scrounge the web for web sites for the opportunity to submit their messages using your site’s comment function. WP-SpamFree is a plugin that helps reduce robot spam. All you have to do is enable it and the plugin does the rest.

The plug-in also provides a simple contact form that you can place on your site as well. Once enabled, enter the following using the HTML editor:


You can even customize elements of  the form – just select WP-SpamFree from under the Plugins menu.

What plugins should I use?

gearPlugins allows us to expand on the basic WordPress tool. Not, there are thousands of plugins available for WordPress, but we’re only going to be provding a limited number of them on the site (the more plugins, the more chance for something to go wrong).

You can see a complete list of the what’s available by selecting the Plugins menu. You can find out information about the plugin by clicking on the name and you can activate the plugin by selecting the Activate link on the right.

Many of these plugins are intended for other sites that site on our server, but you’re more than free to use any of the plugins (Note: it’s up to you to read the material and figure out how they work with your site).

Basic plugins that everyone should use are:

  • WP-SpamFree (no spam on your site and provides a simple contact form)
  • MobilePress (Provides a better experience for visitors on mobile phones)
  • All in One SEO (provides information for Google to use when indexing your site)

Plugins that are nice to have include:

  • SlideShare MU (embed your PowerPoint presentations on your site using
  • Viper’s Video Quicktags (easily embed videos from YouTube and other sources)
  • ShareThis (allows visitors to post links from stories to social networkds like Facebook, Twitter and event email)
  • Event Calendar/Widget (these two plugins provide you with a way to list events as text items, not just a calendar)

Unless you’re real hardcore WordPress geek, the rest of the plugins really won’t do much for you.