Courses I teach

I teach a variety of courses including:

  • Foundations in Arts and Cultural Management (AGAD 100)
  • Independent Study/Project (AGAD 230)
  • Managing and Leading in Arts and Culture (AGAD 120)
  • Field Placement (AGAD 231)
  • Field Placement Integration Seminar (AGAD 233)

Although I don’t technically ‘teach’ field placement since that happens off campus, I work with every student to assist with developing goals and researching potential field placement opportunities.

Once a student has identified the city in which he or she wishes to complete the eight-week placement, we develop a list of potential organizations for that placement.  Each student is required to complete at least three interviews before selecting a placement.

The field placement selection process typically begins in October providing us with sufficient time to research, interview with and select the opportunity which most closely matches each student’s objectives.