Been a year!!

Time gets away from one and I see it’s been almost a year since I posted to this blog. So here is a quick recap of our labs activity in the last  year. We had papers and posters on our work at various professional conferences with some students presenting.

Several research projects are underway and some with funding from MacEwan University. We are currently collecting video game, social media, personality and dream information from three Chinese universities and at MacEwan. This is our first exploration of cross cultural differences but a related question is planned for a research project next year (Sarah Gahr). An honors thesis will examine questions about female gamers  and personality (Ally Ditner). The question of female high end gamers and the lack of nightmare protection was addressed in the thesis of Arielle Boyes which will be presented at the annual IASD conference. Another take on nightmare protection was done by Carson Flockhart with an experimental manipulation and we found some supporting results.

Two individual study students were involved in lab as well. Hanna Stark did a central image analysis of data comparing gamers to those who meditate and pray while Ann Sinyard is exploring the possiblity of Oculus Rift. We hope to run a study next year using the rift or at least asking developers about their experiences and their dreams.

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