Teaching Interests and Courses

I have taught the following courses at MacEwan:

  • Biology 101 Biology of Human Concern
  • Biology 108 Organisms in their Environment
  • Biology 313 Animal Developmental Biology
  • Biology 495 Special Topic: Evolutionary Developmental Biology
  • Zoology 241 Animal Physiology I: Homeostasis
  • Zoology 242 Animal Physiology II: Intercellular Communication

Animal Physiology I and II:

MacEwan offers two comparative animal physiology courses: Zoology 241 and 242. Zoology 241 (Homeostasis) covers topics related to the physiological adaptations of animals that allow the maintainance of constant internal conditions. Gas exchange, circulation, water balance, and temperature regulation are addressed.

Zoology 242 (Intercellular Communication) focuses on how cells, tissues, and organs within an animal’s body communicate with each other. Chemical (hormones) and electrical (nerves) signals are discussed in addtion to the mechanisms of muscle contraction and the role of the immune system.

Below are recent examples of the course outlines. Please note that the textbook and grade distributions listed here may change.