Capstone Projects

If you are interested in Completing an individual or group 498 capstone project with me please come in and talk to me. Some topics of interest include:

Virtual Reality – Program development using the Unreal or Unity game engine
Previous student projects: Immersive educational software, software to help cope with phobias, problem solving

Augmented Reality  – Development using AR glasses
Previous student projects: Use of smart glasses to help with the visually impaired

Robotics – Development of control systems
Previous student projects: Use of EEG to control a drone, development of a rolling Hexapod

Android Apps – Development of applications using Android SDK
Previous student projects: Application for social wellness

Embedded Systems / IoT – Development of systems to take and communicate sensor readings
Previous student projects: Animal wellness, Student wellness monitoring

Machine Learning – Development and application of models for Artificial Intelligence
Previous student projects: Object recognition in  line drawings

OCR / Natural Language Processing – Development of AI involving Character recognition
Previous student projects:  Text recognition in a moving environment