I have taught (or am teaching) either the lecture or the lab for the following courses:

Selected feedback

I carefully review the feedback that I receive each semester. Here are some recent comments from students.

CMPT 101: Introduction to Computing I

"Nicholas was a great prof! really knows his stuff, and was willing to go (at times) painfully slow if any student had a problem with anything, never showed any negativity to and actually encouraged the dumbest questions." (Winter 2013)

CMPT 201: Practical Programming Methodology

"Very enthusiastic about the material, and very enthusiastic about teaching us it." (Fall 2011)

"He has always been exceptionally helpful and non-judgmental, which, as a lazy student, is a wonderful thing to have in an instructor." (Fall 2011)

CMPT 220: UNIX, Scripting, and Other Tools

"Everything is very well explained. Very patient and caring. Overall amazing." (Winter 2012)

"He was enthusiastic about course material, answered students questions well and clearly, provided plenty of examples, and was available most of the time after office hours where he was very polite and helpful if I had any questions." (Winter 2012)

"Nick is awesome! Nick is someone who was born to teach, he has a passion for it and appears to have a natural talent for it. His expectations are up front and he's able to adapt to unexpected situations. His understanding of the material is outstanding and his ability to demonstrate applications is spectacular. Literally one of the best instructors I have ever had." (Winter 2013)

CMPT 360: Operating Systems and Net Centric Computing I

"Nick is very dedicated and it shows. He was always well prepared for lectures and fair in his expectations of students. He is one of the best instructors I've had in computing science." (Fall 2011)

CMPT 399: Compiler Construction

"Overall, instructor was great! More then helped you when you needed, was friendly, encouraged me to try things and formulate thoughts before asking or help, was always available, and taught the class in a manner and organizational style that made the sequence of material to cover logical and easier to learn. Can't think of anything to improve upon, keep up the great work!" (Fall 2012)

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