Jeffrey L. Andrews


Jeff is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics at Grant MacEwan University. His research primarily investigates mixture models and their usage in machine learning. You can learn more by clicking the links above.

Check out Jeff’s Google Scholar profile.

Jeffrey L. Andrews, PhD

Assistant Professor of Statistics

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

MacEwan University

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

email: jeffrey.andrews “at” macewan “dot” ca

(Website updated: June 29th, 2014)

Top Left: Jeff and his niece

Top Right:

(Clockwise from top)

CS 2012 in Pittsburgh;

Sensometrics 2010 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

WGMBC 2011 at University of Glasgow, Scotland;

Bottom Left: CLADAG 2011 in Pavia, Italy

Bottom Center: WGMBC 2010 in Grenoble, France

Bottom Right: SSC 2011 in Nova Scotia