Telescope and Camera

Meade Telescope System (MTS)

The AstroPhotography Group (APoG) comprises a group of students and faculty in the Physical Sciences Department interested in the design and execution of optical astronomy projects that makes use of our Meade Telescope System (MTS) comprising a Meade 12″ LX 200-ACF telescope, ST-8300M CCD monochrome camera, FW5 RGB filter wheel, and Orion StarShoot AutoGuider system. We also have at our disposal a 60-mm Coronado (hydrogen alpha) solar telescope which can generate impressive images of solar activity.

Our equipment provides students and faculty with a opportunity to learn the fundamentals of observational astronomy, operating a computer controlled telescope, astrophotography and image processing.

This page and associated articles and posts describe the activities and projects which APoG is undertaking. If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact
Dr. Orla Aaquist.