about me

meJuly2003Orla is a derivative of Olaf.  Olaf I was king of Denmark from 1086 to 1095. The name Olaf (Orla) dates back to the time of the Vikings who apparently invaded Ireland and left behind golden haired offspring. The Irish retaliated by naming the females Orla, which translates to golden princess. Aaquist does not fare much better. Quist (kvist) is a twig and aa is a creek; hence, loosely translated Aaquist could mean a small twig floating in a creek. On the other hand, quist in Australia is apparently slang for drunk, so if we combine the Danish creek and the Australian drunk, we  have another possible meaning.

I  much prefer my birth name, Bøje Nielsen. Bøje means to bend and Nielsen means son of Niels. According to WikipediA Niels is “the Danish version of the Greek male name Νικόλαος, Nikolaos, a combination of the words for victory and people. The name can be understood to mean victory of the people or power of the people”. So, Bøje Nielsen is the bending of or bending to  the power of the people. That describes me much better than Orla Aaquist.

As to how my name became Orla Aaquist when I was born Bøje Nielsen is a story told at another time and place, perhaps if you beat me at squash.

By the way, I teach physics and astronomy in the Physical Sciences Department at Grant MacEwan University. I have a Master’s and a PhD in astrophysics from the University of Calgary and a BEd from Queens University.