Faculty Site Search

The following faculty members at MacEwan have published web pages. If you are looking for a faculty member’s contact information, refer to the Find a Person directory.

Faculty Member
Aaquist, Orla — Physical Sciences
Abdolmaleki, Kara — English
Anderson, Timothy
Andrews, Jeffrey — Statistics
Angulo, Fernando — School of Business Bachelor of Commerce
Annett, Mike — Human Resource Management, School of Business
Anton, Cristina — Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Biittner, Katie — Anthropology
Bocatto, Evandro — OB, HRM, Mgmt., & MIS
Boers, Nicholas — Computer Science
Boulianne, Shelley — Sociology
Bratt, Sharon — Computer Science
Brookwell, Brian — Computer Science
Buro, Karen — Science
Cavanaugh, Linda — BScN Program
Copland, Sarah — Department of English
Davis, Jeffrey — Engineering
El-Hajj, Mohamad — Computer Science
Elbarrad, Sherif — Bcom
Falconer, Rob — Humanities
Friesen, Kevin — Biological Sciences
Gackenbach, Jayne — Psychology; Arts and Sciences
Gelmini, Lucio — Chemistry
Ginther, Rose — Arts and Cultural Management
Gulawani, Makarand — School of Business
Hills, Melissa — Biological Sciences
Hood, Kevin — Correctional Services Program – H&CS
Indratmo, Indratmo — Computer Science
Islam, Muhammad — Mathematics and Statistics
Islam, Shahidul — Anthropology, Economics & Political Science
Jenne, Randy — Business Management
Kato, David — Physical Education
Katz, Marco — English
Locky, David
Lorimer, Shelley — Engineering
Lund, Mark — Physical Education
Macdonell, Cameron
Malloy, Nicole — Computer Science
Martin, Paul — Faculty Development
Minaker, Joanne — Sociology
Mugo, Samuel — Physical Sciences (Chemistry)
Muralidharan, Etayankara (Murli) — IB, Marketing, Strategy, & Law
Neumeier, Melanie — BScN
Peace, Kristine — Department of Psychology
Pergelova, Albena — School of Business
Piehl, Doreen — Theatre Arts
Pollard, Cheryl — Health and Community Studies – BScN
Pond, Theresa — THAS 104 Section 02
Reid, Doug
Ross, Matthew — Physical Sciences-Chemistry
Saberi, Manzar — physical sciences
Shamchuk, Lisa — Library
Smith, Mark — English
Snyder, Michael — Psychology
Spencer, Jennifer — Theatre Arts
Striemer, Christopher — Psychology
Stroebel, Jocelyn — Services to Students with Disabilities
Strungaru, Nicolae — Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Su, Wanhua — Mathematics and Statistics
Symbaluk, Diane — Sociology
Taleb, Ali — Strategy & Global Management
Venables, Bill — Accounting
Williams, Tim — Correctional Services Program
Wilson, David — Theatre Arts
Wong, Leo — BComm
Wurfel, Marlene — Communication Studies