About Me

I am a professional writer with experience in the 3D high-tech production field. I’ve worked for SAIT, for the Athabasca University, and currently as a term instructor for the Bachelor of Communication Studies Program at MacEwan University.

I’ve written for the page, the stage, and for television. My non-fiction articles have been published in diverse periodicals including Alive, Backpacker, Cottage Life and Z Magazine. My poetry and  literary sci-fi have appeared in Other Voices  and On Spec.

My graduate degree (Master of Arts) is in English Literature (University of Alberta).

I’ve travelled the four corners but have always been a prairie girl. I’m a local foodie with a permaculture bent. I value humour and life-long learning. You could call me outdoorsy. I have played hockey, but never professionally.

Favourite gardening implement? Hori Hori knife.
Married with children? Yup.
Have I ever spotted a wolverine? Yes. Thanks for asking. It was in a wild meadow in Whitehorse Provincial Park.