Cyclo-touring: Seeing Canada from a Bicycle

Why a bicycle?  It is because you see what is impossible to see from a vehicle, meet people, eat 2000 Ė 9000 extra calories per day and still lose weight, improve your fitness and meet the one ton CO2 challenge 3 or 4 times every year. 


Session objectives: 
For all: Network of professional colleagues and cyclists.
For the curious: increased awareness. 
For the cyclo-tourist: new ideas.
For all: Dreams and resolutions.

  Bio:  In 2004, at 49 years, Lynnís speed skating coach assigned cycling.  In 2008 as background to a sabbatical paper and as a statement of commitment he road fully loaded, solo, Edmonton to Victoria, return.  During the May long weekend in 2009 his partner passed the Jasper to Cochrane test.  After multiple tours of Alberta, BC, Quebec and France they are planning for summer 2012

  Session Slides.pdf

  Lynn's pack list.xls

  Rides: Routes and Elevations.pdf

  Web links:


La Route Verte

Cyclo tour 101

Crazy guy on a bike

Warm  (NOTE: I have not ever used this service)

Alberta campgrounds

Quebec campgrounds

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