Software Carpentry for Librarians

This past summer I was fortunate enough to help lead three Software Carpentry bootcamps for Librarians.  One in each of Edmonton, Toronto and New York.  I wrote about my experiences in a blog post for the SWC blog.

Librarians are a new target audience that has emerged for Software Carpentry. They are a great audience – eager to learn to how a bit of programming can help them in their jobs.  I’m continuing to understand just how broad the term “librarians” is.  It provides a challenge in meeting bootcamp attendees where they’re at given their varied backgrounds and daily tasks (cataloguers vs library techs vs digital librarians vs …).

There are lots of great organizations like code4lib and librarians learning code that have broken ground in this area.   In collaboration with some excellent people, we are working on creating the best SWC curriculum possible for librarians.

As we continue to work more resources will emerge.  For now, if you’re interested to know more, you can request to host a bootcamp or feel free to email me.