Teaching Statement

My motivation as an educator centers around two fundamentally interconnected goals – to empower my students to succeed and to engage them in subject matter. My expectations of students are high and my goal is to support them in meeting these expectations. My teaching philosophy is grounded in a strong desire to enable students to master key skills and understand core concepts, and draws upon my passion for biology and learning. Empowering students to embrace their role as leaders in their own learning is critical to engagement. University students are mature, intelligent and capable leaders. Students must be given opportunity to discover knowledge, to think critically and independently, and to build confidence in their own abilities. Student engagement is enhanced when students can make meaningful connections with subject material. To be an effective teacher I must embrace opportunities to engage in pedagogical development, reflect regularly on the quality of my students’experiences, and continuously seek to improve learning outcomes for my students. I bring my enthusiasm for biology into the classroom every day.