Currently Teaching

Biology 207 – Principles of Genetics:  This course provides an introduction to the fundamental principles of inheritance through an examination of transmission, distribution, arrangement, and alteration of genetic information. Topics include the structure of the genetic material, mutational processes, Mendelian inheritance, extensions to Mendelian inheritance, genetic linkage and linkage mapping, recombination and changes in chromosome structure. The emphasis throughout is on application of concepts to solve problems.

Genetics 317 – Genetics and Society: This course examines select advances in genetics and molecular biology and their impact on society. Social, legal, political and ethical aspects are discussed, emphasizing a Canadian perspective. Contemporary issues related to these fields are examined in a historical context including reflection on potential implications for the future.

Genetics 404 – Investigations into Gene Regulation: This course investigates and compares mechanisms of gene expression and regulation in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Current scientific understanding of gene regulation is explored through a critical analysis of primary literature. Transcriptional, post-transcriptional, translational, post-translational and epigenetic regulatory mechanisms are discussed.

Previously Taught

Botany 205 – Fundamentals of Plant Biology:  This course is an overview of the biodiversity of organisms in the Plant Kingdom (bryophytes, seedless vascular plants, gymnosperms and angiosperms). The course examines plant development and anatomy with a focus on vascular plants. Emphasis throughout the course is on the relationship between form and functional adaptations. Relationships between and among plants and other types of organisms including fungi are examined. Additional areas of plant research are introduced.

Genetics 420 – Research Techniques in Molecular Biology: This is a full year laboratory course in modern molecular, biochemical and cell biology techniques with an emphasis on the isolation, analysis, characterization and expression of genes and gene products.