2020 Update

It’s been about four years since I worked on this website. In the meantime I retired from MacEwan University as an Emeritus Professor in Psychology. That was July 1, 2018. In the following two years I did some writing up of research done in my last few years and some conference presentations. But to be frank such scholarly activity was low on my bucket list. I’m now more settled into retirement, although I still tutor part time at Athabasca University primarily in the Department of Communication Studies.

I thought it would be a good idea to update this web/blog site with unpublished research write-ups and conference presentations. Thus I just uploaded a three study series that was done during the last half dozen years of my tenure at MacEwan. I wrote these up with the various student research assistants after I had retired. While it was submitted for publication, the journal wanted it much shorter. I decided that it makes more sense to put it out in the public domain, via this website, at its full length and depth.

Over the next months I’ll be uploading a variety of work and then will turn to work that I’ve done over my 40+ years of academic involvement that is not easily accessible. I’ll update readers in this blog space as things get uploaded. I wanted to begin this update with this one very lengthy and time/effort consuming work and thank my marvelous students for their continued support and interest.

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