First Responders Needed for Gamer Research Study

I am following up on previous research into gaming as potentially nightmare protection and am looking for first responders. Here is the post I have created soliciting people with that background. If you know anyone who is a first responder please feel free to pass along this invitation.

Invitation to First Responders for Research Participation

My name is Jayne Gackenbach and I do research on the effects of video game play on dreams. I also co-teach a course here at MacEwan University on video games and have written a book for my students on the effects of gaming coauthored with my gamer son (Play Reality: How Video Games are Changing Everything). My research into military gamers was featured in an article, which appeared in the Wall Street Journal in print and online:


Interview with  Chris Shea for the Wall Street Journal which appeared Jan.21/22 2012


This article is based on this research which was published in the journal Dreaming:

Gackenbach, J.I., Ellerman, E. & Hall, C. (2011). Video Game Play as Nightmare Protection: A Preliminary Inquiry in Military Gamers. Dreaming. 21(4), 221-245.

I would like to repeat this study, but this time with first responder gamers and that is why I am writing your website. I have gotten permission from the administrator of your website to post on the forums and announce this research project.

Here is the link to the survey:


It may take up to an hour to fill out so be sure you have the time to participate before you begin.


If you know any first responders who are not part of this website please feel free to pass along this invitation to participate in research.


Jayne Gackenbach, Ph.D.

Psychology Professor

Grant MacEwan University


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