Online Radio Show Update

I’ve been doing a show on the psychology of video game play for several months now and thought I’d tell you something of what we have done and what we plan for the fall term. You can see our list of online radio shows here, Video Games: Brain Gain or Drain? We currently have 10 shows archived that can be downloaded 24/7. The available shows include these topics: children and gaming, exergaming, gamification, gaming as treatment for PTSD, games for health, game addiction, and gaming and aggression. Here is the list of interviews/programs we have planned for the fall 2011 and early winter 2012:

  1. Mia Consalvo – Big Fish games research as casual gaming (late August release)
  2.  Jesper Juul – the Casual Revolution (first half Sept release)
  3.  Amy Bruckman – cooperation/constructive and education implications (late sept release)
  4.  Jose Zagal – teaching about video games (early Oct release)
  5.  Evelyn Ellerman – role of gaming in communication studies field (late Oct release)
  6.  Sandy Rosenberg – media consultant’s view of gaming in society (early Nov release)
  7. Patrick Markey – personality as predictor of aggression from gaming (late Nov release)
  8. Barry Grant – horror in media and in games (early Dec release)
  9. Jeremy Hsu – gaming in the military (late Dec release)
  10. Walter Boot – attention, memory and executive control (early Jan 2012 release)
  11. John Sharp  – “The Secret (Art) History of Games” (late Jan 2012 release)


Most of these interviews have been done and are currently being edited. It’s been a fascinating journey meeting and chatting with these game researchers and commentators.

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