Last Chance for Gamers to Participate in 2-Year Data Collection Effort

For the last two years we have been collecting information from serious video game players along several dimensions. These include video game history, several self report scales looking at aspects of attention (i.e., mindfulness, immersion and presence) and dreams. We are going to take these scales down at the end of 2010 so this is the last chance to participate in this ongoing research effort.

Below you will find four links to current research studies examining the effects of playing video games. We are interested in the responses of high end gamers but anyone can participate. Please start with your history of video game play and then pick one or more of the additional studies to participate in. In each study we ask you for an identifier so that we can connect your responses across studies. This can be your alias if you are a gamer but any identifier other than your name is acceptable. You must be 18 years of age or older to participate in this research. All four studies have received ethics approval from the Grant MacEwan University Institutional Review Board. Any questions can be directed to the primary researcher Dr. Jayne Gackenbach (

Video Game Play History  (please start here)

Presence during Game play and Immersive Tendency

Impactful Dreams of Gamers

Do ONLY ONE of the following two surveys. They are the same surveys with the questions in a different order.

Mindfulness of Gamers                                   Mindfulness of Gamers 

This does NOT count for Psyc 104/105 research participation credit at MacEwan

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