Now that “Inception” is released………

The beauty of the film “Inception” by Christopher Nolan is that it supports public interest in dreams. Those of us in the dream community are all thrilled by its release and positive reception. You can find reviews and commentary from dream workers all over the net including on the International Association for the Study of Dreams website ( ). There is a part of the movie making process that is yet fairly unknown. That is, there is a splendid documentary shot to accompany the movie when it comes out on DVD. The documentary is about dreams and features some of the leading lights among dream researchers. It was directed by Academy Award nominee Roko Belic. One of the leads from “Inception”, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is the announcer in the documentary and is featured with Roko making a call for input in this online video from members of In fact, you can go here to see both bits of the documentary and a time-sensitive plea from Roko to get visuals for use in it:

Another online video that was used as a viral marketing tool for “Inception” is at:

In this clip I am the second scientist interviewed. The first one is Bill Domhoff from the University of California, Santa Cruz. I thought I would say a bit about the documentary and my experience as a “talking head”. I’ve been in my share of documentaries over the years but never with the production value and sophistication that was brought to bear on this project. Bottom line Roko did his homework and it showed not only in his questions but in the final cut which flows smoothly and offers a fascinating first glimpse into the world of dreams. He also included a brief bit at the end of the documentary on my research into video game play and dreams. Included was footage of two of my students in our gaming lab here at MacEwan. From my perspective, that inclusion was especially gratifying as it dovetailed so nicely with the commentary in the documentary by Nolan, DeCapprio, and Gordon-Levitt on how dreams inform their creative process and how they saw movies and dreams as conceptually related. As much of a movie buff as I am, I have to admit that their comments certainly broadened my perspective on my gamer-dream research. Deirdre Barrett, another dream scientist, also spoke of this relationship between dreams and movies commenting on how in the early days of movies they were called dreams.

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