gamers and nightmares

I’ve been having a different media experience in that a story on livescience about my labs work on gaming, dream control and nightmares has gone viral ( That’s nice but what is really meaningful is the letters I’ve been getting from soldiers who game. Here is part of one I just got from a man just returned from being deployed. He writes:

I’m also a veteran in the US Army twice over and just recently got back in April 2010 and I have so many soldiers that went over seas and became videogame players due to the work tempo and stress.

Meaning that by the end of the tour there were more videogame players and in many cases that was the only way they could ‘escape’ from each other and the worries of home. I’m a Sgt and you can see my uniform on my profile and personally I’ve seen videogames help those that are mentally and
physically depressed.


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