Research Opportunities

As MacEwan is an undergraduate university, I sadly do not have any MSc or PhD opportunities available. Nevertheless the opportunities for undegraduates to participate in my research are many and broad and include for-credit, voluntary, and paid (funding dependent) positions.

All activities, be they field or laboratory related, are geared towards 3rd and 4th year undergraduate students with a strong background in the Earth Sciences and interest in Quaternary Environments. Research requires a considerable commitment of time and energy, and can conflict with other student obligations such as lectures and assignments. Those undertaking research, be it in a for-credit, voluntary, or paid capacity, need to be highly focussed and motivated, and able to commit considerable time to the success of their project. That being said, the rewards can be great: original research, publications in peer reviewed journals, national- and international-level conference presentations, valuable experience and research skills, not to mention the weight that this adds to your CV.

If you’re interested in student research opportunities, please contact me. I’m always keen to engage highly qualified volunteers in the lab and supervise for-credit EASC 498 Independent Research Project students. Check out some of the opportunities below and e-mail me if you’re interested. Note that to undertake EASC 498 projects a minimum grade of B- in a 300-level Earth and Planetary Science course relevant to the proposed
research as well as the consent of the supervisor are required.