INQUA 2015 Downloads

INQUA 2015 Posters:

The marine signal of a collapsing ice margin: the catastrophic advance and collapse of the end Pleistocene Viscount Melville Sound Ice Shelf, Canadian Arctic Archipelago by Mark F.A. Furze, Anna J. Pieńkowski, Keir A. Nichols, Amy Reedman, Mariana S.R. Esteves, Alix G. Cage, Robbie Bennett.
Furze Ice Shelf Poster

Marine mammal remains as palaeo-sea-ice indicators in Arctic North America: a reassessment by Mark F.A. Furze, Anna J. Pieńkowski, Roy D. Coulthard
Furze Whale Poster

QSR Paper on which the marine mammal poster is based:

Mark F.A. Furze, Anna J. Pienkowski, Roy D. Coulthard, 2014. New cetacean delta ΔR values for Arctic North America and their implications for marine-mammal-based palaeoenvironmental reconstructions. Quaternary Science Reviews 91, 218-241.
Furze et al 2014 QSR