Taught Courses

  • HIST 100: Introduction to History
  • HIST 101: World history before 1500
  • HIST 205: Medieval Europe
  • HIST 209: Early Modern Europe
  • HIST 211: The British Isles, 1450-1714
  • HIST 306: Urban Europe, 1450-1850
  • HIST 308: Europe in the Age of Renaissance and Reformation
  • HIST 309: Crime and Society in Early Modern Europe
  • HIST 311: The Social History of Britain
  • HIST 411: Topics in British History
  • HIST 490: Topics in Social History

New Courses (2016-17):

  • HIST 206: Britain before the Black Death
  • HIST 214: Scotland before 1800
  • HIST 354: Cultural Capitals of Britain

4th-year theses supervised since 2009:

  • “The role of the religious reformation on the reformation of manners in seventeenth-century England.” Natasha Wismark (2015)
  • “Loosening the Bodice: Clothes shopping and Women’s Public Presence in Early Modern England.” Danica McCann (2015)
  • “How could this be possible? Scotland, England and the Act of Union, 1707.” Larissa Morrison
  • “The Combined Influences of the Humanist and Reform Movements on Scottish Universities.” Amie Urban (2015)
  • “The impact of reformation-thought on household governance in Scotland, Germany and England: A comparative study.” Brett Mulloy (2014)
  • “Crime and the family in early modern England and Scotland.” Joshua Hubert (2014)
  • “Nascent Nationalism in early modern Scotland.” Stuart Carruthers (2013)
  • “The impact of the Reformation of Manners on the early modern family in England.” Carissa Hamoen (2013)
  • “Poverty and Vagrancy in Tudor England.” Vanessa Millman (2012)
  • “The 1st Crusade and the Siege of Jerusalem.” James Robblee (2012)
  • “Papal Supremacy and The Investiture Conflict.” Matthew Millman (2012)
  • “Antinomianism in post-Civil War England.” Nathan VanderMeulen (2011)
  • “Catholic recusancy in Reformation-era Scotland.” Ashley Sims (2010)
  • “Poor relief in Tudor England.” Leah Kirtio (2010)
  • “Late medieval piety and the role of the Catholic Church in regulating access to ‘spiritual power.’” Kaitlyn Plumb (2009)

Independent Studies Courses Taught:

  • Reformation-Era Scotland
  • State and Social Change in early modern England
  • Early Modern European Empires
  • The Norman World, c. 900-1150
  • Reformation of Manners in England
  • Consumerism and material culture in eighteenth-century England
  • Humanism in Renaissance-Era Scotland
  • Act of Union, 1707