About Mark

I am a Biology instructor in the Biological Science Department, Faculty of Arts & Science at Grant MacEwan University and have been at MacEwan since 1988.

I completed my BSc. (Zoology) and MSc. (Zoology) at the University of Alberta. My MSc. Thesis was entitled “Song, Vegetation, and Sound Production in Blue Grouse. Population ecology, animal behaviour and ornithology are my primary areas of biological speciality, although I also have a strong interest in insects, particularly butterflies and aquatic insects.

While at MacEwan I have lectures and/or labs in the following courses; BIOL 103 РHumans and their Environment, BIOL 107 РIntroduction to Cell Biology, BIOL 108 РOrganisms in their Environment, BIOL 208 РPrinciples of Ecology, BIOL 365 РTropical Rainforest Ecology, ZOOL 224 РVertebrate Diversity, ZOOL 225 РComparative of the Vertebrates, and ZOOL 250 РSurvey of the Invertebrates.

I spend most of my free time taking photographs. My other interests include hiking, camping, canoeing, nature watching, cross country skiing and fly fishing.