I was born in London, Ontario. But that is not where I am from.

I am from Cape Breton. That is where I grew up. That is where my heart lies. This is an important distinction. If you know I am from Cape Breton, you will understand why I am who I am.


I am from a large and wonderful family. I consider my parents and my brothers and sisters¬†among my greatest friends. They all remain home in Nova Scotia and I miss them immensely. It doesn’t matter how far I travel or where my latest adventure takes me, I always know where home and family are.


The greatest adventure in my life is being a mom. I am blessed to call this wonderful man-child my son. He has grown from my “little buddy” to my “neatest friend”. He has taught me more about life than any textbook and I count him among my greatest teachers.


My newest adventure: I had no idea raising a puppy would teach me so much about life.