Personal Interests

Golf has taught me to live in the moment. It is not the shot before or the shot after that counts, it is the one I am taking right now. It is the same in life. The moment that counts is the one I am living right now.

Traveling the world has taught me that people are the same wherever I go. Culture, skin color, accent, physical features and traditions may look different but beyond those differences are people looking for meaning and connection.hobbies5

Personal development in the form of  meditation, mindfulness and Moksha yoga have taught me that it is impossible to separate mind, body and spirit. All are interconnected within myself and the world around me.

Nature has taught me that everything has significance. When I honor that truth, I am free to embrace my place in the world.

Sports, whether watching or playing, has taught me that any athletic endeavor is just an opportunity to watch the drama of life enfold in all its brilliance.

Parenting has taught me so many wonderful lessons. The most important being, it isn’t my job to tell anyone who they should be. My hope is to be paying careful enough attention that I can see your gifts and talents and support you in your use of them.