This portfolio has been assembled to meet program requirements in a Masters of Adult Education at St. FX University. The purpose of this portfolio is to trace my development as an adult educator. Each component of this reflective portfolio has been chosen to demonstrate the interconnectedness of the educational, professional and personal life in my transformational journey from clinical nurse expert to clinical nurse educator.

Therefore, my educational, professional, and personal history will each be a category in this portfolio. These categories will then provide the reader with a deeper appreciation for the categories of teaching philosophy, attributes and areas of growth as well as future goals. The final component of the portfolio will be a reflective analysis and synthesis of these categories.

 I have discovered that we bring our personal selves, including our histories, values, beliefs, assumptions and opinions to our roles as either student and/or educator. When we have the courage to expose our assumptions, beliefs, opinions and values through critical reflection, we have the potential to become more than we imagined. It is my hope that this portfolio will inspire both students and professional peers to embrace the reflective journey.