Teaching Responsibilities


Courses Taught

Term Course Number of Students
Fall 2010- Winter 2014 N377 Clinical X 3 7-8 per clinical group
Fall 2014- Winter 2015 N175 Lab X 2N175 Clinical X 3 11-12 per lab7-8 per clinical group

Course Explanation

N377 is a required five week clinical nursing course in the second semester of the third year of the BScN program. The course focuses on integrating community nursing concepts in a practical environment. Students spend half the rotation at a community agency developing a health project requested by the community agency. The other half of the rotation is spent in a public health center with a focus on immunizations, school health, and health promotion for families.

N175 is a required course in the second semester of the first year in the BScN program. This course combines theory, lab and clinical. Theory is a 2 hour lecture once a week. Lab is 2 hours per week with a focus on practicing psycho motor skills taught in the theory component. The clinical component of the course is one day per week over the fifteen week semester in which students apply theory and lab in a clinical hospital setting. I taught the lab and clinical portion of this course.