Clinical Nurse

                I have a diverse and abundant clinical nursing background. The Canadian Armed Forces paid for my university education. Upon graduation from Dalhousie University, I practiced as a Registered Nurse in my duties as an officer in the Canadian Forces. This included postings to Ottawa and Winnipeg.

I practiced in the clinical specialties of orthopedic surgery, oncology and aeromedical evacuation. As part of my aeromedical evacuation role, I took part in a United Nations tasking during the Bosnian War. I was the lead of a two person medical team responsible for the care of refugees being flown out of war torn Sarajevo.

Upon leaving the military, I practiced in many areas of nursing including: rural emergency, rural acute care, prison nursing, First Nations Inuit health, public health, early childhood intervention program developer, cancer prevention research project, and well-women’s nurse.

I consider myself a clinical expert as a result of my extensive clinical experience. It is this expertise that supports the nursing content I bring to my role as educator. I also carry essential personal and professional attributes to my role as a result of my nursing background. These include: strong interpersonal skills, caring and compassion, acceptance and inclusiveness, poise under pressure, flexibility and adaptability, decisiveness, conflict resolution, and creative problem solving.

Fifteen years of clinical practice based on the principle of client-centered holistic care has been instrumental in adopting a learner-centered holistic approach to my teaching practice.