About Me


I received my PhD in Anthropology from the University of Alberta (2011). I have almost 20 years of field experience in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Tanzania as a Cultural Resource Management or Consulting Archaeologist and as a student and researcher. I joined MacEwan University in 2015. As the Anthropology Lab Instructor, my responsibilities include  lab instruction (see Courses), collections management, and student research and volunteer opportunity facilitation.


Traditionally my research focus been on the characterization of stone artifacts to determine their potential source locations and to understand raw material selection and use. I am a research collaborator with the Iringa Region Archaeological Project. Recently my focus has shifted to cultural heritage management. Additional research interests include archaeological sciences (archaeometry), lithic sourcing and characterization, archaeomineralogy, organization of technology, the Middle Stone Age and Later Stone Age, postcolonial African archaeology, and the anthropology of the body (body modifications and tattooing).

I also blog as The Archaeology One over at Anthropology As… with my colleague Dr. Sarah Shulist.