My Research

I am interested all forms and functions of the Human Resource Management field.  I also like my philosophy to ‘bake bread’.  Hence, I am most active in research and scholarly activities that have a practical, direct application and promise to enhance the ‘everyday HR’ in organizations.

Right now, I am most focused on the Benefit and Retirement Income Programs and Services that organizations choose to offer the employees as part of their Total Rewards strategies.

As about 1/3 of Canadian companies do not offer such programs, and the packages offered by other 2/3 vary substantially in content and value, the prominent question I have here is ‘why do organization leaders choose to offer benefits and retirement income programs at all, and what factors shape the packages they do offer?’

Further, as mental and physical health are heavily influenced by the availability of healthcare benefits, and organizations typically need healthy employees in order to achieve business goals, I am curious to understand the impact and efficacy of various benefit packages on employee health (and the ROI implications to business goal achievement).

I expect the findings of this research will be published in trade magazines, and academic journals, and presented at various conferences.


Other research interests that I am quietly pursuing include:

Risk and Human Resource Management:  The creation of policies and procedures to mitigate what we find ‘dirty’ and ‘dangerous’ in the current economy.  I have a special interest in the perceptions and decisions of Start-up organizations.

HR Analytics: What is the HR equivalent of ‘gets on first base’ (See Moneyball) for informing team member selection practices, and directing general and organization-specific training for HR Professionals.