CHRP Designation?

Many students wonder if they should invest in earning and maintaining their CHRP (Certified Human Resource Professional) Designation.

Employers often wonder if they should grant higher priority to applicants with this designation.

My answer to both is, Yes!
(And, I both maintain my designation and have hired for the designation.)

This designation reflects a standard of knowledge and professionalism in the field.  I feel this is important because HR is one of those fields that has lots of feeder lines including: Educational – sociology, psychology, business, and Experiential – entrepreneurs, supervisors / managers.  As such, HR Professionals need to show a commitment and competency in their practice (it should not be ‘assumed’ they have it), and Employers need to make sound selection decisions (the impact of poor HR hire can ripple through the organization).  Given what is a stake for the effective and meaningful management of people in organizations, it is wise to leverage the advantages of the certification.

Visit the HRIA CHRP Designation page for more information on the advantages and requirements.