I have extensive experience in three realms of design: research, education and practice. I love the intellectual connections I’m able to make while straddling them.

In June 2011, I graduated with a Master in Design from the University of Alberta. My thesis my thesis provides a case for why design requires stronger philosophic foundations to make designers better at what they do. You can learn more about my research here: http://defining-design.net/

My teaching experience started in 2001, as a sessional instructor at the University of Alberta in the Department of Art and Design. From 2001 to 2014, I taught once a year in courses that range from research methods (Des396: Theory and Research in Design) to UXD (Des596: Interactive Design). This led to my current full-time teaching position at MacEwan as Assistant Professor.

My design practice experience includes seven years with the Government of Canada working as a user experience designer. I worked mainly on the planning, prototyping and design of medium-scale websites and software applications. I left the government in 2007 to start my own company, Big Pixel Creative, specializing in design, web and communications consulting for government and non-profit groups: http://bigpixel.ca